SnakeLike is a modern interpretation of classic retro game "Snake". Unlike its counterpart, SnakeLike's player can:

  • Mine different resources (The more segments the snake has - the faster it mines!)
  • Strategically sell part or all of collected items
  • Buy upgrades using previously sold resources
  • Repeat!

The controls are PICO-8 standard: 

  • (arrow keys) for movement
  • ("X") for selection
  • ("Z") for going back.

Description of updates:

  • "Mining Speed" - how much blocks are damaged when snake's head or segments pass near. Note that each segment deals 1/16 of the main damage. Grow the snake to balance complexity to mining speed!
  • "Max Lives" - number of hearts in the left top corner of the screen
  • "Speed Increase" - determines how much snake's speed increases after 60 seconds. Lower this to make levels easier
  • "Keep %" - percent of unsold resources that you get to keep in case the snake dies
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Release date Oct 18, 2020
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withPICO-8
Tags2D, PICO-8, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Singleplayer, snake
Code licenseMIT License
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution v4.0 International
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Joystick, Touchscreen


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Downloadable version (Windows) 1 MB
Version 1.4.7
Downloadable version (MacOS) 3 MB
Version 1.4.7
Downloadable version (Linux) 691 kB
Version 1.4.7
PICO-8 Cartridge 36 kB
Version 1.4.7
PICO-8 Source Code 89 kB
Version 1.4.7
Main (and the only) Musical Theme (m4a) 2 MB

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okay...whats the deal with the portals around level 10 or 12?

It turns your snake red, but like. why. what do they do? why do i sometimes die instantly when i enter them. How are you supposed to beat those levels??

I consistently get to the first portal level and then die 7 times in a row and I guess that's just it. 

Is there a trick or secret?

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The idea is that you could self-intersect if the segments of the snake are of different colors! Hope it helps.

Thanks for playing it!

Hey, I made a video on this game! 

So I opened the game and on the start screen at the bottom it said "Devkit keyboard enabled",
what was that about?


There is an existing game called Snakelike:

You might want to change the name, it is not good when people find something else when googling the name of your game.


Hey! I played your game and here is the link to it!:

Hope the feedback helped! And yes, please let me know how the feedback session was! I would be more than happy to hear your thoughts about! Cheers, Good Work! And Happy Game Dev! :)

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Hey! Thanks for a very detailed review!

I’ll look into controls and see if I can write few more music tracks :) Thank you for playing it!


Could you take another look sometime? I’ve added extra music just for you, and fixed few other issues you encountered. All in all, it is almost a different game now!


Hey Definitely I can!


This is a very fun take on a classic game. I really like rogue-like games and this one has the simplicity to be picked up and put down for easy casual play. I think the idea of using mining was a great touch and adds some strategy. Compounding on the idea of strategic gameplay, this goes further and the order in which you mine and pick up resources affects length to make there be some ahead of time planning beyond what a normal game of this would be like. This game holds to be strong contender for replay value with the random dungeon generation and strategy involved on top of the skill required as it begins to speed up or encountering cramped levels. If you get far enough, there is an added component of coloring that will make interesting issues as the levels are not big enough for the snake, this is the first time I've encountered a game with this layering. I love it.

Thank you for kind words and a detailed review!


Hi. I played your game and recorded it on a video. It was very fun to play. The only thing that felt weird was that controls felt delayed sometimes. I love everything else, though. If you want me to delete the video, let me know. However, if you like the video, I make similar videos every day. I will be happy if you subscribe. Anyway, I enjoyed playing your game.


This is so awesome. Liked and subscribed!

I know you played it for a short time, but I’d just wanted to share with you that you can actually by upgrades for the snake. You just had to use arrows and press “Z” in the upgrades menu to enter a sub-menu.

Thanks for playing and for recording a cool video.


Thank you. I think that I tried to upgrade. I just did not have enough points. :D I played more than on a video. I just cut many parts off to make the video smaller. 


Ahh, sorry then! I just seen you opening PICO-8’s internal menu and leaving it after saying that you can’t upgrade yet and thought that this confused you.

It all makes sense now. Best of luck with you future videos!


Very impressed by the improved moving animation; it makes the game much smoother and easier to control. I wound up buying all of the upgrades and made it to depth level 40.

One issue I did run into one time was the door not spawning in a level. It happened on depth level 20 with the arrangement that has a horizontal band of blocks on the bottom (specifically the variant with groups of 4 gold orbs interspersed). I haven't had this problem on that level before, so I'm not sure what's causing it. Hope this info helps!

No way! What do you think of 3 “secret” maps?

Sorry to hear the door didn’t spawn for you. I’ll look into it!


This a great concept. It takes two genres that never really crossed my mind of being compatible, and somehow makes it work. It's art style is retro enough to fit snake, but also old dungeon crawlers. Overall, a great experience and a fun time when playing. A solid 10/10.

Thank you!

Let me know if there is anything that would make this game even better for you. We strive for perfection!


Improvements? Well I did have some suggestions. Some I maybe can help with! I do pixel art, so I could maybe design new graphics, but if you don't want it, that's fine. A singular suggestion for the gameplay is the speed. I know snake does that, but the acceleration seems kinda random. But that really is my only complaint.

Can you send me a direct message on reddit (I have the same nickname there)?


I'll have to make a reddit account, but sure!


Could you maybe send a link? I can't seem to find it.

Hey! Sorry, I just didn’t want to post my email verbatim here. My email is also available on github: .


This is a really cool take on the traditional snake... it works well and is fun to play. :) Thanks for sharing it.

Thank you!